Why choose plywood flooring?

It seems that many people tend to overlook the option of plywood flooring for different reasons, however, we think it is a great option and one that may be suitable to more people than you may initially think. This article will explore some of the many benefits of plywood flooring and offer an alternative perspective on this option.


  1. Longer life span

When choosing a good quality of wood, flooring of this material can last for decades. Many people may find themselves having to replace carpet more often than they would like, which is why plywood flooring can be a great option. This flooring will not have as much wear and tear damage and will not age as quickly as other flooring, such as carpet. One of the reasons for this is because plywood floors are much easier to clean and maintain than other flooring; simply because there is less damage that can be done. For example, carpets stain much easier and cling onto more dirt that is visibly noticeable, in comparison to plywood flooring that can be swept or vacuumed up with ease.

  1. More hygienic

As just mentioned, carpets hold onto a lot more dirt, grime and bacteria than plywood flooring does, which in-turn makes this flooring a lot more difficult to clean and keep hygienic. Wood flooring is much more low-maintenance to keep clean and healthy, which is another huge appeal. Along with this, plywood flooring is a great way of keeping away bad odours, unlike other flooring that can trap unpleasant smells.

  1. Less costly

The initial cost is not particularly expensive, which means that those with a smaller budget, or those who may not want to spend much, can afford to purchase plywood flooring. As well as this, the flooring is inexpensive to maintain, meaning it continues to be a cost-effective option for many. Once the flooring has worn after some time, that ability to simply sand and reseal the flooring will ensure it looks as good as new, at a low budget too.

  1. Timeless appeal

Trends soon come and go with interior/exterior design, however, the use of plywood flooring always seems to remain popular and effective. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the practicality is what also appeals to many. Especially in recent years, wood flooring has become an increasingly popular option and will likely remain one for some time. Nevertheless, plywood flooring will always be a great addition.

  1. More appeal when selling

When it comes to selling a property, any details that can increase the value is a great investment to have. This is another advantage to opt for plywood flooring, estate agents have expressed that houses with wooden floors sell much easier than houses with other floor finishes. Not only because this flooring wears much better, but also because of the warm and homely feeling it gives to a property.

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