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Timber Decking

How to care for your Timber Decking

As soon as the summer rays hit the garden, us Brits always try to make the most of the little warm weather we have.

We grab the sun loungers, slap on the suncream and head to our own at-home oasis for peace and tranquillity to soak up the rays.

But soggy ground underfoot and sun-dried grass can sometimes ruin a beautiful summer’s afternoon, making the area unappealing and uncomfortable to sit on for friends and family.

Well, a lovely timber decking area can create an extension to your living space, allowing you to use this space all year round for drinks parties and alfresco dinners. Continue reading

Get the most out of your Garden Shed

It’s time to dust off your garden furniture and prepare yourselves for the imminent summer months, ready for numerous barbecues and garden parties. Come rain or shine, garden parties will be thrown, even if it means eating damp burgers and hotdogs.

One of the best ways to get yourself prepared for the summer months is to give your garden shed a new lease of life; this can be done in two simple ways, repainting and reorganising. Most garden sheds will be constructed from shiplap timber, a quality wood that can last years when looked after.

In this blog post, we will give you some straightforward guidance that will help give your garden shed a brand new look and possibly a new purpose, all ready for the summer!

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Why choose plywood flooring?

Plywood is strong, stable and durable, making it a suitable option for flooring.

But, with so many different design options out there, many people opt for our other alternatives over plywood flooring for different reasons.

Being easy to work with and a more hygienic option than other flooring alternatives, it certainly has its benefits, which many people over look.

Why not discover the beauty of plywood flooring in our ‘Why choose plywood flooring’ guide: Continue reading

shed cladding

5 top benefits of having a garden shed

Whether it’s a bike, a piece of gym equipment or those Christmas decorations that only need to be out one month of the year, storage space is very much needed in the home.

Storage space is often of huge importance to house buyers, so having as much of it is as you can is essential for making your home appealing when you come to sell it.

But if you struggle with space in your home, having a garden shed can actually resolve many of those issues for you.

From increasing the value of your property to help you find a hidden space for your belongings you can’t bear to part ways with, there are many great reasons to build a shed in your garden.

Have a look at our list below and find our top 5:

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Timber Cladding

How to Prepare Your Timber Cladding

Over the years, there seems to be one frequent question that always pops up – “how is timber cladding installed?”

Well, as the experts in timber cladding, we thought we would answer this for you in two parts, with the first being about how to prepare your timber cladding.

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The Benefits of Using Timber Cladding

The Benefits of Using Timber Cladding

Many people choose to have timber cladding in their homes, as it is a highly diverse building material. This is as well a number of advantages the material can provide, significantly more than other materials such as steel, PVC and aluminium. But what are the benefits of using this material? Read on to find out.

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timber cladding

What do those Cladding terms mean?

There are many different types of home and shed cladding, which means that there will be numerous amount of terms that you will have to know. Thus allowing you to know what you are getting for your money. Below we have listed some of the terms, with brief descriptions, that you should know. Continue reading

Winter Shed

Prepare your Shed for Winter

As the months get colder and the days are shorter, we tend to focus less on our gardens and more about staying cosy indoors.

But, that often means our poor sheds get forgotten about, even though they’re still there protecting our expensive equipment and belongings.

So, just as the winter months approach, now is the ideal time to think of protecting your shed against the winter elements.

And to help, we have compiled a handy list to ensure that your shed and shed cladding remains in tip-top shape, whether it rains, snows, sleets or hits below zero.

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Timber Shiplap Cladding

How do you make your timber cladding long-lasting?

You’ve decided to go for exterior timber home or shed cladding and you have had it installed. How do you now make sure it is long-lasting? Well, a number of factors should be taken into account, read on to find out what they are.

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