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Timber Decking

How to care for your Timber Decking

Decking is an essential in the summer, as it tends to be one of most used areas. You never know that a relaxing day could turn into a BBQ with friends, once the sun is out. However, what happens if the decking isn’t prepared? Winter weather has meant the decking has taken a bit of a battering and has made the decking in dire need of a prep! This is why we have compiled a list of top tips to ensure your timber decking stands out for the whole of summer.

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Timber decking

Timber Shiplap Cladding

Selecting the right timber for your decking is crucial for both practical and visual appeal reasons.

Things to consider when choosing a timber decking are as follows:

Colour: Each timber product will have a different colour and each will provide differing atmospheres for any home or project.

Grading: The grade of the timber is essentially what the characteristics of the wood you choose are. This can cover the grain type, the colour variations that are highly likely, the size and quantity of the knots.

Softwood and hardwood: There will need to be consideration of your timber floors’ hardness varying on where it will be placed. There are two types of hardness: softwood and hardwood, both having different properties. Softwood is typically cedar, fir, pine and spruce, which are easier to work with and manipulate because of the low density, it is also cheaper and lighter than hardwood. Hardwood will typically be mahogany, oak and teak will naturally be denser than the softwood thus it being expensive.

Style: Ensure you outline what type of board you want, either wide board or 2 or a 3 strip floor that boasts a busier feel on the floor. When considering planks of wood, you can think of either accentuating them by having micro bevels, known as small grooves, on the longer edge or on all four of the edges, or you could have a flat surface.

Finish: The surface finish of your wood can vary from a hard shiny surface or a subtly less-than-obvious sheen, again you can choose whether to feel the grain of the wood or opt for a smooth surface.

There are many considerations that should be looked at prior to installing timber decking, as shown above.

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Materials for sheds and summerhouses

There are a range of different materials to choose from when purchasing a garden shed or summerhouse.

Which is why it is important to understand the materials available at hand so to determine which is the most appropriate material for the purpose you would like it for.

Shiplap Cladding

Wooden and timber cladding seem to be a popular choice for garden buildings.
Timber looks very natural and is environmentally friendly, so it looks in place in a garden’s environment. It is aesthetically pleasing and boasts style.

Timber cladding is available in a variety of finishes:

Feather edge – the plank it thicker at the bottom and thinner towards the top, perfect for the overlapped look
Shiplap boards – these boards have a much smoother, appealing finish
Loglap cladding – similar to shiplap boards, however, the profile of loglap cladding has a curved outer face, mildly similar to that of a log cabin
Cedar cladding – very straight with a fine grain, commonly mistaken as hardwood


The benefit of using metal and steel sheets for your sheds is the little maintenance they need.
Once assembled, the sheets provide a tough, robust structure, perfect for keeping belongings secure on the inside, however, there is the issue of condensation and the fact a treatment (electroplating) would only coat the exterior of the metal and could become damaged, which would expose the metal to the elements.


Although plastic, these sheds are commonly made with an internal metal frame with the plastic cladding secured to it.
Like metal, it’s a great material for maintenance as it only requires a wash over every now and then.


The main selling point of a concrete shed is in the name; the great strength it will no doubt possess.
Many concrete sheds come with a ten-year guarantee.

The choice of cladding is entirely based on personal preference and will it serve the purpose it is being bought for?
For flexibility, timber cladding will offer the most versatility as they come in an array of sizes, compared to it’s lesser materials which usually come in a set size.

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