Acquiring a timber garden shed is a great addition to any garden. It provides that much-needed storage space for garden tools and spare pieces of wood.

If you’d like a wooden shed but aren’t too fond of the colour of wood, or have a certain colour scheme in your garden you want to keep, you might want to look into painting your garden shed; but how do you go about that? you ask.

Below, Timber Shiplap Cladding are sharing a 5-step guide covering how to paint your garden shed!

Prepare the surface

The first step is the most important step, if there is any debris or dirt that hasn’t been removed from the surface, you risk all of your upcoming work.

Sanding down the wood is unnecessary if your shed is made from bare wood - you only need to focus on the pressure washing.

Pressure wash

Before turning on the pressure washer, make sure that you have replaced any broken or loose boards. When in the process of washing, work in a set pattern in order to avoid missing certain areas and focusing on others more.

Following pressure washing the fence, allow it to dry fully for at least one day.

Prime the wood

Once the wood is completely dry, paint an oil-based primer onto the wood. The primer acts as a sealant to fill any holes that might be in the wood and prevent the paint getting into the wood.

Mask off anything you do not to prime.


Before you begin painting, it is advised to use a paint gun as this will be least likely to leave dripping and stains, achieving an even coating on the wood.

When you’re applying the paint, do it step by step in thin coats to avoid runs that are likely to occur when painting with thicker coats. Hold the sprayer at a distance of roughly 10-12 inches from the wood when spraying.