Timber Frame Houses

The frame of the house is similar to that of a skeleton, providing the building with that much needed structural support and shape.

Timber framing is an exceptionally ‘green’ material, which is why it is highly used around the world today. Keep reading to find out more about timber framing structures.


Timber framing is the predominant method of framing a new home. Each of the walls, floor, and ceiling are made from the wood, with sheets of plywood or a material that has the same properties fixed onto it to act as a platforms. The timbers are held together with either nails or wood.

The corners are made fo several beams fixed together, including large beams called joists which take the weight of the upper floors and the roof.


Of the most impressive, the materials’ response to shifts in temperature and how timber for home construction is sourced.

Houses with timber frames are incredible robust and have the ability to withstand extreme weather and temperatures in a range of climates. It is still one of the most common methods of framing in many areas around the globe for the above reasons.