Why choose plywood flooring?

Plywood is strong, stable and durable, making it a suitable option for flooring.

But, with so many different design options out there, many people opt for our other alternatives over plywood flooring for different reasons.

Being easy to work with and a more hygienic option than other flooring alternatives, it certainly has its benefits, which many people over look.

Why not discover the beauty of plywood flooring in our ‘Why choose plywood flooring’ guide:

  1. Longer life span

When it comes to investing in new flooring, the high cost often means we want a long-lasting material that will stand the test of time. And that’s understandable.

So, when looking into the relevant option, plywood can be a great option, offering durability for decades.

Carpet can easily get worn down and in need of replacement quicker, but plywood has the ability to stay looking new for so much longer.

One of the reasons for this is because plywood floors are much easier to clean and maintain than other flooring options simply because there is less damage that can be done.

For example, carpets stain much easier and cling onto more dirt that is visibly noticeable in comparison to plywood flooring that can be swept or vacuumed with ease.

  1. More hygienic

If you have a dog, young children, or wear shoes around the house, dirt, bacteria and other messes can build up in the carpet. This causes them to look unpleasant and therefore be much less hygienic than other flooring options.

The fact that vacuuming and cleaning carpets is so much harder than any wood flooring, this, in turn, makes it more difficult to keep hygienic.

Wood flooring offers a more low-maintenance option, which can be wiped, swept and cleaned very easily, protecting you and your family.

  1. Less costly

If you’ve renovated a house or purchased new carpet or flooring, you may have been surprised to discover the real price of such a vital part of the home.

Plywood flooring is much more affordable though, so is perfect if you’re on a smaller budget.

As well as this, the flooring is inexpensive to maintain, meaning it continues to be a cost-effective option for many.

Once the flooring has worn after some time, all you’ll need to do is simply sand and reseal to ensure it looks as good as new.

  1. Timeless appeal

Wood flooring has certainly become a popular option in the interior design world.

Carpet has quickly become a more ‘traditional’ option for the home, and has certainly become less and less popular over the years.

Wood flooring, on the other hand, offers an aesthetically pleasing vibe to the home, whilst also being the more practical option.

We don’t believe the preference for wood flooring will be going anywhere anytime soon, which means plywood flooring will always be a great addition.

  1. More appeal when selling

When it comes to selling a property, any details that can increase the value is a great investment to have.

This is another advantage to opt for plywood flooring, estate agents have expressed that houses with wooden floors sell much easier than houses with other floor finishes.

Not only because this flooring wears much better, but also because of the warm and homely feeling it gives to a property.

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