Why You Should Have Exterior Cladding

Using exterior timber cladding is essentially providing a protective layer of material that separates a building’s structure and interior from the outside elements, including sound and weather.

Exterior cladding is effective at protecting against solar damage, temperature, water and wind. In this article, we will explore the reasons why exterior cladding is essential and the benefits it provides in terms of solar damage, temperature regulation, water resistance, and wind protection.

Solar damage

One of the primary advantages of exterior cladding is its ability to prevent solar damage. UV waves from the sun can cause deterioration and structural damage over time. By installing exterior cladding, you create a barrier that resists the harmful effects of the sun, preventing moisture and extreme temperatures from penetrating the interior.

Temperature Regulation

Exterior cladding plays a crucial role in regulating a building's temperature. It acts as insulation, protecting the structure from extreme weather conditions, whether it's the biting cold of winter or scorching heat of summer. Built-up layers of rigid insulation create thermal gaps that prevent the conduction of temperature, effectively bridging the gap between the exterior and interior environments.

Water Resistance:

Moisture is often the most challenging element to protect a building against, but exterior cladding provides a solution. Through the use of siding, waterproof membranes, weeps, sealants, flashing, and weatherstripping, the cladding system repels moisture. Siding serves as the first line of defence, acting as a durable barrier. Additional applications work together to protect the structure from any potential water infiltration.

Wind Protection:

Exterior cladding acts as a shield against the force of the wind. Properly installed cladding materials securely adhere to the structure, allowing minimal movement caused by wind pressure. By providing this protective layer, exterior cladding helps prevent damage to the timber and maintains the integrity of the building.

Timber Shiplap Cladding can provide a various amount of benefits and is perfect to exterior cladding applications. 

Exterior cladding is a vital component of any building, offering numerous benefits in terms of protection from the elements. By installing timber cladding, you create a barrier that shields the structure from solar damage, regulates temperature, repels moisture, and provides wind protection. With its durability and aesthetic appeal, timber shiplap cladding is an excellent choice for exterior applications. Invest in exterior cladding to enhance the longevity and resilience of your building while ensuring a comfortable and secure interior environment.