Log cabin maintenance myths

There are many rumours circling the scene about log cabin maintenance, but we’re going to put them to bed and tell your the truth behind a few.

Maintaining a log cabin is often accompanied by various myths and misconceptions. In this article, we aim to dispel these rumours and shed light on the truth behind log cabin maintenance. By addressing common misconceptions, we hope to provide clarity and help log cabin owners make informed decisions. Read on as we debunk these maintenance myths and reveal the reality of caring for your log cabin.

Log cabin maintenance takes up a lot of time – MYTH

It doesn’t have to!
If you plan ahead and design your cabin the correct way, you can save yourself a lot of work – large overhangs, porches, proper landscaping, and tall foundations will prevent maintenance nightmares.
Of course, log cabins aren’t exactly the most conventional home, so it will definitely require non-conventional maintenance, but as long as you’re prepared, the difficult maintenance can be planned for and prevented.

Log cabins have mould problems – MYTH

Most surfaces have mould problems, and all or them can do. It’s all down to moisture, and shading trees, dripping roof-lines and back-splash are all contributions to your mould problem.
If you keep your logs dry and avoid excess moisture exposure, they’ll last a life time.

Cracks in log cabins are an issue – MYTH

Cracks are a natural thing that happens to logs and aren’t anything to worry about, especially down the sides of your log cabin.
If cracks are found on the topside of the log cabin where rain and snow can get in – make sure that cracks are treated with borate rods, are stained and then caulked.

Log cabin maintenance myths can perpetuate unnecessary concerns and misunderstandings among owners. By debunking these myths, we emphasise the truth behind log cabin maintenance. While log cabins require unique care, with proper planning, moisture control, and proactive maintenance, you can enjoy your cabin without excessive time commitments. Remember to keep your logs dry, address cracks appropriately, and stay vigilant in your maintenance efforts. 

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