Timber cladding is an incredibly diverse building material, so why should you use it in your home?

Timber cladding is one of a number of options available to builders who are choosing which material to implement into their roofing and insulation plans when building a home. There are a number of advantages that timber cladding can provide, providing more benefits than steel, PVC and even aluminium. Read our blog to find out exactly what benefits timber cladding can bring you in your construction plans.

Lightweight – In comparison with its building material rivals, timber is incredibly lightweight when compared with steel and concrete. The massive decrease in weight will allow for savings, helping builders put the necessary funds into other areas of the building project, which will produce a higher quality build. The lightweight nature provides a viable material for roof covering, reducing the overall weight of the home even further.

Flexible – Timber cladding is a very flexible material, holding the ability to be cut and crafted to fit almost any design that is desired. The cladding also has a natural flex to it, where as it can withstand many situations where concrete and brick would crack and crumble. The flexibility of timber helps builders to create windows and archways seamlessly blend in with the rest of the construction plans.

Insulation – Timber cladding provides natural insulation for the home it is inside, unlike steel and aluminium, which requires large amounts of insulation in the walls. It removes the need for masonry walls in between the siding and inner walls, which will further reduce the costs.

Environmentally friendly – Despite popular belief, the use of timber as a building option in home is one of the most environmentally friendly construction options that are available today. Other materials of construction, such as aluminium and steel, create over ten times the amount of carbon emissions than it does to harvest timber.

So, what do you think? Is timber cladding for you?

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