The Benefits of Using Timber Cladding

Many people choose to have timber cladding in their homes, as it is a highly diverse building material. This is as well a number of advantages the material can provide, significantly more than other materials such as steel, PVC and aluminium. But what are the benefits of using this material? Read on to find out.

Environmentally Friendly - Carbon emissions for harvesting timber is significantly lower than other construction materials, such as aluminium and steel. Over ten times less to be exact. Thus, making the material more environmentally friendly than others.

Flexible - Timber cladding has the ability to crafted and cut to fit nearly every design that is desired. What makes this material so flexible is that it has a natural flex to it. Which means it is able to remain solid when concrete and brick would crack and crumble. As well as allowing for builders to create archways and windows that seamlessly blend in with the rest of the construction plans.

Lightweight - When compared to steel and concrete, timber cladding is incredibly light in weight. This decrease in weight can allow for builders to save money that can then be put into different aspects of the building project. Thus, allowing for a higher quality build. This is why timber cladding is a viable material for roof covering, as it reduces the overall weight of the home even more.

Longlasting - When this material is properly maintained, it can last for several years. It is highly resistant, which means that it will not show wear and tear as easily as other materials do. Certain measures can be taken to enhance the durability and even make the material more resistant to fire.

Insulation - Last but not least, timber cladding also provides natural insulation for the home. As well as removing the need for masonry walls in between siding and inner walls, which also reduces costs.

So now you know all the benefits of timber shed cladding, will you be choosing this material?

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