How to care for your Timber Decking

As soon as the summer rays hit the garden, us Brits always try to make the most of the little warm weather we have.

We grab the sun loungers, slap on the suncream and head to our own at-home oasis for peace and tranquillity to soak up the rays.

But soggy ground underfoot and sun-dried grass can sometimes ruin a beautiful summer’s afternoon, making the area unappealing and uncomfortable to sit on for friends and family.

Well, a lovely timber decking area can create an extension to your living space, allowing you to use this space all year round for drinks parties and alfresco dinners.

But if you’re in the market for a new decking space, then it’s important to consider that decking needs looking after too.

Decking needs to be prepared for the harsher winter weather, which means the timber is most likely in dire need of some TLC.

But not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top tips to ensure your timber decking stands out in all the seasons.


Firstly, it’s essential that you assess the condition of your decking.

By analysing what your decking is really needing, you can ensure you purchase the correct products and don’t waste your money on one’s you don’t.

If your decking is younger than six months than there should be no need to treat it, as premature treatment can damage its life.

It’s best to leave new decking alone for the first six months, but if you’ve had this installed longer, you’ll need to get into the routine of treating it each year.


Before you treat the decking, ensure you give it a deep clean.

It’s highly advised to use a pressure washer, as this will remove mould, algae and dirt.

If the decking is just in need of a little tidy then use a scrubbing brush or a broom, as these will help to get rid of all the dirt out of the grooves in the wood.


Once you have assessed and cleaned your decking, it’s time to decide how to best treat it.

This is easily the most important step, but your selection does depend on the type of style you are aiming for.

Oiling decking is a popular choice, as it replaces the natural oils in the timber that are lost over time.

Waterproofing the decking is also essential, as this means it won’t warp.

Another popular choice is painting your decking. This allows you to really extend your home style into the garden, to match the particular aesthetic you’re going for.

Painting your decking can also help to stop splinters and fill in small cracks around the decking.

Both oils and paints require annual applications to ensure they stay in good condition.

When should I treat my decking?
We would recommend treating your decking around twice a year, to prep it for winter and for summer, the harsher months of the year.

If you can help it, it’s best to avoid applying a treatment in wet or damp conditions, as it can ruin the decking and will be much more time consuming to start again.

Also, avoid treating in severe heat, as the treatment may dry before it is absorbed into the wood.

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