How to care for your Timber Decking

Elevate Your Outdoor Haven: Timber Decking Tips for Year-Round Appeal

When the summer sun graces our gardens, we Brits seize the opportunity to revel in the warmth, don our sun loungers, apply suncream, and retreat to our personal at-home oasis for moments of peace and tranquillity basking in the rays- when we can catch them!

Yet, the charm of a beautiful summer's afternoon can be marred by soggy ground underfoot and sun-dried grass, rendering the area uninviting and uncomfortable for gatherings with friends and family.

Enter the solution: a delightful timber decking area that seamlessly extends your living space, creating a versatile setting for year-round enjoyment, from drinks parties to alfresco dinners.

However, for those longing for new decking space, it's crucial to acknowledge that decking, like any outdoor feature, demands proper care and attention.

As the colder months approach, your decking deserves some preparation to weather the winter gracefully, and this often entails a dose of tender loving care for the timber.

Unsure where to commence? We've curated a list of top tips to ensure your timber decking remains a standout feature in all seasons.

1. Assess the Situation

Start by carefully evaluating the current condition of your decking. Understanding its specific needs will guide you in selecting the appropriate products, preventing unnecessary expenditures on treatments that may not be required.

If your decking is under six months old, it's advisable to refrain from treatment, as premature intervention can harm its longevity. Allow new decking to settle during its initial six months. For older installations, an annual treatment routine is essential.

2. Pre-Clean for Pristine Results

Before delving into treatment, give your decking a thorough clean. A pressure washer is highly recommended for removing mould, algae, and accumulated dirt. For minor touch-ups, a scrubbing brush or broom proves effective in clearing dirt from the grooves in the wood.

3. Choose the Right Treatment

Selecting the right treatment is pivotal. Oiling is a favoured choice, replenishing the natural oils lost over time. Waterproofing is equally crucial to prevent warping. Opting for a paint finish allows you to extend your home's style seamlessly into the garden, aligning with your desired aesthetic. Painting also serves to prevent splinters and fill small cracks.

Both oils and paints necessitate annual applications to maintain their effectiveness.

4. Timing Matters: When to Treat Your Decking

Timing is crucial for effective decking treatment. Ideally, treat your decking twice a year to prepare for both winter and summer—the more demanding seasons.

Avoid applying treatments during wet or damp conditions, as this can compromise the effectiveness and lead to a more time-consuming process. Similarly, steer clear of treatments in intense heat, as they may dry before proper absorption into the wood.

For further insights into our Timber Decking options or to explore our timber offerings, feel free to get in touch.

Elevate your outdoor haven with meticulously cared-for timber decking that stands the test of time and seasons.