How to Choose the Right Timber Decking


Crafting Your Ideal Outdoor Space: A Guide to Choosing the Right Timber for Your Decking

Selecting the right timber for your decking is a crucial decision that directly influences the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. From colours and grading to the choice between softwood and hardwood, as well as considering your style preferences, there are several factors to weigh. In this article, we'll explore key aspects to keep in mind, ensuring both practicality and visual appeal in your decking choice.

Colour: Timber decking presents a spectrum of colours, each contributing to a unique atmosphere for your home or project. When choosing the colour of your decking, consider the desired aesthetic and the surrounding environment. Some timbers emanate warm, earthy tones, while others exude a more contemporary and modern feel. Opt for a colour that complements your overall design vision.

Grading: Understanding the grading of timber is crucial as it determines the characteristics of the wood you choose. Grading factors include grain type, colour variations, and the size and quantity of knots. Higher grades often boast fewer knots and a more consistent appearance, while lower grades may offer a more rustic and natural look. Consider the desired level of character and visual variation when making your selection.

Softwood and Hardwood: The choice between softwood and hardwood hinges on the location and requirements of your decking. Softwood options like cedar, fir, pine, and spruce are easier to work with due to their low density. They are also generally more affordable and lightweight. Conversely, hardwoods like mahogany, oak, and teak are denser, providing enhanced durability and a luxurious appearance. Consider the desired level of hardness and your budget when choosing between softwood and hardwood decking.

Style: Define the desired style of your decking, whether you prefer wide boards or a busier feel with 2 or 3 strip flooring. When selecting planks, consider whether you want to accentuate them with micro bevels, small grooves on the longer edge or on all four edges, or opt for a flat surface. The style of your decking significantly contributes to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space, so choose a design that aligns with your preferences.

Finish: The surface finish of your timber decking plays a crucial role in its appearance and maintenance. Decide whether you prefer a hard, shiny surface or a subtly less-obvious sheen. You can also choose between a smooth surface or one that allows you to feel the natural grain of the wood. Consider the level of maintenance and upkeep required for different finishes and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Choosing the right timber for your decking is a vital step in creating a functional and visually appealing outdoor space. Consider factors such as colour, grading, softwood vs. hardwood, style, and finish to make an informed decision. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can select a timber that aligns with your design vision and offers the desired durability and maintenance requirements.

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