Timber cladding mistakes to avoid

You’ve opted for exterior timber cladding and had it installed; you’ll want your wood lasting as long as possible, right?

Below, we’ve listed how to avoid the common mistakes that are made in order for you to have longer-lasting exterior timber cladding.

– England has a moderately damp climate which will inevitably lead to moisture – avoid cladding either the north or east facing surfaces.

– Timing – in order to avoid any warping and curling of green or timber that has recently been cut, apply the cladding between October and April to stop one surface drying faster than the rest.

– Avoid the installation of cladding during or prior to a heatwave.

– It is better to opt for hardwood cladding as it is much more durable than soft wood and choose an experienced installer.

– When using a wood finish, you will need to adopt a maintenance cycle to keep up the appearance of the wood.

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